OMG – I logged in to yak about the demo yesterday and looked out the back door to see Sally with her head STUCK between the railing of the deck … She twisted her way out but was CERTAINLY stuck. What possesses her? If I ever understand her I’ll be shocked; I actually think it’s the combination of smart, joyful and no fear that gets her into these positions – what a wild gal!

Demo yesterday was fun. Brody saved me twice on his course … I ended up flailing a little more than I do usually and also ended up standing in front of a jump. I have NO idea how Brody knew where he should be but he followed me then self corrected – Wow! Since I’ve started Sally up seriously I don’t think I give my generous, giving, rockstar Brody enough credit. He’s awesome!

Sally was good too – the ground was rough so I wobbled which pulled her off course once but she sent away, listened though some LOUD rocking music and did a nice 12 weaves with quite a crowd beside them. (Man everybody, agilityphiles or not, love watching foot work through weaves… people started clapping when she hit about pole 4). The course was nice – long lines which is just what I need to practise with Sally!

Thea is hanging with her aunt Judy at the moment – so she didn’t get to play … which I am sure she was fine with her (sunbathing suits her to a T too)!

Working the dogs when I can. They love it and always want MORE MORE MORE. Doing some interesting flatwork with both Brody and Sally which is good for my footwork if nothing else.

oh yes and Happy Birthday Mum … words really are inadequate to express how totally lucky I am to have this amazing, strong, elegant woman in my life! Pretty flower is for her – it’s the first time I’ve been able to grow sunflowers and Big T has been asking me to grow him some for years so it’s a happy picture – just for Monday!