Somehow last night in the middle of the night I was reminded of The Itchy and Scratchy Show.
You may recall the mice and cat from the Simpsons who killed eachc other multiple times in the most gory of ways?

Our own itchy and scratchy dog spent much of the night unhappy and uncomfortable. Poor Sally, her allergies really are dreadful at this time of year. Benedryl doesn’t touch them and while Vanectyl-P helps I do try to keep the doseage minimal as it is a steroid. Ideally I’d have her on 2 pills every 48 hours – the best I’ve been able to do this season so far is occasionally extend her dose to 36 hours.

Big T once named a pair of foster pups we had Itchy and Scratchy – they were in our isolation suite downstairs with nasty cases of both parvo and mange. They were only about 12 weeks old when they moved in – it took about 5 weeks to clear them for real life. Socializing puppies through isolation was interesting. Luckily they are very sweet girls and were happy to work and play through their sickness and back into health. They were adopted together and renamed laker and Brooke.