my mind is going a million miles a minute thinking about the weekend and trying to process all kinds of things

some of what I really really liked about this weekend:

  • Sally’s speed – she was consistently the fastest or second fastest dog in her classes
  • no bars all weekend (not that I expected them)
  • Sally’s distance work was amazing .. I had every confidence when I sent her out to something it would be done
  • All dogs read front and rear crosses without issue
  • Sally held every start line stay like a pro
  • Thea’s dog walks and aframes were PERFECT (so were Brody’s ~ I really must give that boy credit too)
  • I got the balance right to warm up each dog properly – take Sally out and let her run after the Frisbee – let Thea stretch and pee and wander around while Sally blasts.. give each of them lots of individual time but together time is fine too … all of them appreciated a warm up jump or two
  • Sampson coped just fine at home with Nancy coming to give him a break
  • I got to watch people handle a wide variety of dogs in a million different ways

some of what gives me fat to chew as the expression goes:

  • a dog went off at Sally and me on the start line – lunging through the soft sided crate and through the ring gate – scared the pants off us both – in fact I burst into tears (great way to start a run huh?)
  • Sally got a little barky at dogs who dared look at her in her crate a couple of times
  • Thea dropped behind me on course twice – I saw it both times once I managed to get her back on track once I failed
  • Thea worried about the chute
  • Sally behaved like she’d never seen the downside of an aframe in her life
  • Sally barked at me on course
  • Brody was slow off the start line a couple of times
  • Brody bobbled in the weaves – didn’t stop or go backwards but definitely struggled

no wonder my mind is full …