woooo boy Sally is amazing … itchy, doped up, feeling sorry for herself and still rocking around the routines set up on the lawn … she is reading me QUICK as WINK now – I have to be careful not to pull her off an obstacle inadvertantly.

Brody is not a fan of the rear cross but is learning to drive away to the next obstacle no matter where I am going – he is a pragmatic fellow – if there is a good treat at the end of it he’s happy to work and work hard at a problem.

Thea was a ding a ling today – she’s a preppy brat when it suits her – but I just grabbed the clicker and did some table work for awhile she settled and finally agreed to work the figure 8 set up I had instead of blasting around her own race circuit.

We got new tunnels – so now have 10, 15 and 20 foot tunnels to play with (my 15 foot came from these same guys but I won it in a raffle at my second trial EVER!!) They are fabulous and I have to recommend the supplier to anybody who might want their own tunnels .. the huge bags they come in are pretty cool and they were great about answering questions and setting up (FREE) delivery to the not most accessible place in the planet (well province anyhow)!! I have orange, green and teal – my lawn looks like a art deco exhibit! Sally is a tunnel junkie – Brody sometimes misses the entrance – he is a very literal dog who likes being escorted around the course. Thea is of two minds about tunnels – some scare her and others she’ll hide in. Weird, delicious little nutbar! So all of us are happy to have more tunnels.

On the non agility front I’m overwhelmed with tomatoes – need the humidity to break so I can start sauce making. Grooming rabbits could be a full time job too – fibre bunnies need a lot of care. Overall I have this sense of summer rolling to a end.