if Sally can run an eleven obstacle sequence at home at 26 inches – cleanly, quickly and carefully with a chicken talking to herself as she lays an egg, and a rabbbit in an xpen, Sampson galloping around with his Magic Kong, and Thea yelling from a crate on a lawn I think she’ll be able to handle trials ok 😉

We had fun – one line I set was actually tight but I didn’t notice it til I ran Thea of all things … it was jump, weaves, table, jump line of three in a straight line, tunnel, jump, jump, jump, jump with a threadle in that last bit and a 270 …

She was smoking – she is puffing still – we did it twice – put her in a crate on the lawn. Pulled Thea out did it twice (also very good and QUICK!) then invited Brody out of the house to do it once- he was happy to do it but I’m not convinced he’s sound so I let him take it easy … he was clean and accurate of course 😉

Sampson did a couple more tunnels – still no cue but he obviously thinks it’s great fun!