actually managed to print off some premiums this week – need to sort them still and see what is when and how they can fit with life but I think I’m ready to put my toe back in the agility pond and see what happens

I’ll run Brody in jumpers and snookers as much as I can for now I think – though masters jumpers can be tricky at least there are nearly always lines we can charge through – good for us both

I MAY run Thea in jumpers (starters) occasionally too – I think the more she sees trial situations the more confident she’ll be

Sally can wait .. and wait and wait til I start her up .. she is doing beautiful work but I don’t want to screw it up in a ring …

Tuesday night was fun – proofed contacts and a couple of jump drills with Sally – did a chute too – which was great as we hadn’t done one in a LONG time ….

then the last class started – I brought Thea in to do her teeter work and ended up keeping her in the building .. Brody motored his way along through everything .. what a good dog he is
then we had the jump work – neat little course with some WICKED turns … Brody was great; Thea was awesome; the first time I ran Sally she overshot everything but once I thought about who I was “driving” it all clicked

I really wonder if I should trial one dog at one trial .. I can switch who I trial but switching back and forth between runs is really difficult sometimes as the same move has a very different effect depending on who is on the receiving end – just something else to figure out I guess …