well perfect practise does anyhow

tried back to back classes last night

I was exhausted by the end but both Sally and Brody had fun – the new facility is just amazing!

there were only two dogs in the first class .. Gail and Sally

very different but both are energetic and active ..and both jump 16 inches no problem

we began by warming up with a tunnel jump weave sequence then did a bit of teeter work then aframe a couple of times ..Sally is worrying a bit about the frame but she hit all her contacts all night long – her dog walk is quite fabulous if I do say so myself … I cannot imagine letting her have a running contact though … I just can’t see having that confidence in her – and I need brakes … contacts work for that with her too 🙂
the little course we did was fun – it was nice to be able to run with her after the ankle debacle :

Brody was thrilled to be back at it – serpentine, threadles weaves to table – he didn’t care what we did he blasted it … and then blasted it again
what a SOLID rock star that dog is – last night was the first time in well over a year we have been AT ALL serious about training and he was right there .. he needs work but if he didn’t get it it wouldn’t be the end of the earth

we were partnered with a little dog whose owner kept saying “WRONG” – gosh I hate that – Brody was not too distracted but it drove me mad … the woman seems to be quite experienced and willing to work hard but not schooled quite the same way I am .. it is interesting to watch different training methods though … so I will keep my eyes open and my mouth shut and see what I can learn ..

my brain isn’t all that engaged yet – it’s been awhile since I’ve had to think about handling – and it shows …