I wrecked my ankle last week – went over on it lightly on Sunday…
then a little harder Tuesday night.
Then I walked miles on Wednesday and Thursday (at work chasing recalcitrant students)- and too much Friday and Saturday too – though I have been trying hard to rest and ice it in the hopes it will heal eventually.
The bruising is quite spectacular – so is the swelling … total royal PAIN in the foot if you ask me .. I have a relatively important interview on Tuesday and would really prefer to be able to walk normally in to meet the interview team-GAH

my normal ankle (left foot) yup – that’s an ankle bone you see!

my busted up ankle – same shot as the normal ankle (outside of the right foot) – loads of swelling in all directions and on both sides.. and you can see the funkiest bruise – the straight line under the ankle

(I also have agility Tuesday and puppy class Wednesday and it better be functional for that is about all I can say)