Brody the Rockstar

because truth be told, he is

there is nothing he can’t do and nothing he won’t do if asked nicely -media interviews, playing a variety of dogs on tv including a female (with a PINK bow I’ll have you know!) digging ina garden (with 5 minutes to teach that trick!), nursing homes, agility, playing at a farm dog you name it he does it and he does it well .. even if he is a little cranky to wake up 🙂

The Misadventures of Miss Sally

fitting of course because so much of my life the last three years has involved Sally and her trials and tribulations

  • saving sally in the first place (hours of writing in that story)
  • training a brainaic
  • dogs that are smarter than they should be
  • dogs that eat VERY bad things
  • dogs that do very crazy things
  • living with such joy in your life

My Boring Life

not boring to me but somedays it’s hard to think of what to write ..especially when I’ve had a break from agility for far too long!

I Wish I Was Playing Agility

well that could just be the theme song for the last year 🙂