Trying to get organized

school wrapped up today – and while that was smooth there was a LOT to do

I have a summer job – only 4 days of work but I had to set that up before going on a week of holidays – its a cool program called teachers into business and I’ll be working at the Food bank in July

I have 25 people coming for the weekend (YAH – THIS weekend) to celebrate my mother in laws birthday

I have my first team competition on Sunday (leaving all the guests for a bit -you know I’m not popular eh?)

Dad and Jean have offered to take Fitz for a few days of the chaos – it’s his first time away since we started fostering him so that’s lots of organizing too

had to take Jackie to what turned out to be an easy doctors appointment as nobody else was available

had to find golf clubs for my first time ever on a course (turned out to be fun but not a talent I think I have)

need to set up home for a week away – the home crew need organizing

need to clean up a bit so I can bear to come back when the week is up

and so on and so on

agility is nowhere this week 🙁

oh well – holidays are here and it can move up my priority list I hope 🙂