It was a bit drizzly and yucky to start the day – by the end of the day it was MUGGY and HOT

The outdoor rings had the standard runs and the indoor rings had the games

Our first class was standard and Brody dropped a rail on the second jump – in CPE you can get up to 5 faults and still qualify so it was important to keep it together for the rest of the run. WE DID! The sand was rocky and deep and a lot of people and dogs were having trouble.. I was worried about the dropped rail (Brody has never dropped a rail in class before) but he compensated for the weird surface easily enough from that rail on.
He came second in that class and earned a “q” (kind of cool to have Q ribbons from a nationals!)

We had wildcard next and Brody ran ok I thought – the weaves were sticky but the rest was quite nice- but my scribe sheet said NQ and 9 faults… I’m so new to CPE I didn’t really look at it – or think about it til the next day when Pat Saito happened to be at the results area at the same time as me – she quickly realized something was amiss – and helped me figure out the correction needed… Brody Qed and won that class after the ‘fix’ was done.

The next class was fullhouse and honestly it’s a blur but I know I got my q and Brody ran nicely … he earned the q and was 2nd again

it was interesting as he was quite consistent – but the first place dog was different for each event – and often the third and fourth dogs were different too…

it was a late night – we got A & W on the way back to the hotel and crashed there