Well we are home from the 10th Anniversary CPE Nationals (our first)in Michigan and while I’m exhausted they were fabulous

The stories are long so I’m going to break it down lots – my attention span is probably short anyhow 😉

We arrived just 20 minutes too late to sign up for the warm up class which caused me a moment of panic as the first time a dog sees a slatted dog walk is ideally not the nationals! I thought it through though and realized Brody is pretty steady, has been exposed to a million surfaces and as long as I didn’t make an issue of it he probably wouldn’t (and I was right)

We found the motel fairly easily (thanks in no small part to Nancy’s awesome navigation skills) and it was perfect for the task – I had a fridge, a big bath and a tv and a BIG bed.. everything I needed was right there – and there was lots of grass and a little parkette for walking the dogs (which was full of wild bunnies the first night)

We went to Bob Evans for dinner – yummy and hot and close – all I needed!

Collapsed early and slept pretty well – the dogs woofed just a little at first then crashed too

up at 6:30 Friday to make sure we got to trial in time for general briefing