boy I love this girl

a true cat and a half she came to us when she was just 6 months old

adopted too young as an orphan into a home with no other animals and a young couple who worked and partied hard she was returned as being NASTY at 6 months.

for a full week I went to the shelter at lunch and worked with her – TTouch literally saved her life quite literally as I couldn’t touch her with a hand until day four – she had to learn appropriate play too

after the week was up Cathy and I had a long talk and decided we’d better foster her out to see what she was like in a real home – my home was fairly quiet at the time and Tom and I were going to be around a fair bit so home with me she came. Two days of living with her and Kaylie was named (after the Hindi Godess of destruction) and I brought home a little black kitten who had an eye infection that wasn’t clearing at the shelter – Julie became a play mate for Kaylie and and outlet for energy too!