the winter has been wild – snow piles everywhere…
enough to make a person CRAZY!

Brody, Thea and Sally all had good runs on Sunday although we didn’t get any qualifying scores…

Brody ran in steeplechase and was just a couple of seconds too slow ..
his jumpers run I dropped him at a tunnel.. DUMB as the run was flawless apart from that and in his standard run he added an extra chute to his run – flawless otherwise and well under time even with the added obstacle so I’m fairly confident he’ll do his part once I get used to the more technical courses!

Thea ran a gamblers course and while suspicious of the people moving around she ran fast and hard and apart from one pause on the top of the aframe to check for monsters she was GREAT! She earned the 20 points she would have needed to have the q.. but the gamble was too hard for her.

Sally ran a WICKED gamblers course- she got the mini gamble twice and LISTENED … I run out of steam part way through running her though – which gets her barking and circling me … always something to work on .. she earned a total of 34 points and very nearly got the gamble (I’m delighted she didn’t – she’s NOT ready for advanced anything yet)

Next trial is March 1 – a CPE trial the far side of Kingston – should be fun and motivating for us all 🙂