This sad little fella is Bobby. Orginally known as “Bob the blob” he has realized there is more to life then being a blob!
Out of a shelter that had some sympathy for a tempermental sad painful little soul we were very worried that he was suffering. Testing to date show little of grave concern – most of his conditions can be explained by being a little old man!
His temperment is quickly settling into a sunny one. He is happy to meet and greet cats, dogs and people as long as it’s slow! He is quite blind and quite deaf but quickly turning into a little charmer!
He’ll need daily eye medication (like so many of his breed he suffers from dry eye) and TLC. Medicated baths should get his coat healthy and patting and sunshine will help too!

Hopefully very soon he’ll find a wonderful forever home where he can be happy and contect for the rest of his days!