What is  “Freudenfreude”? I hear you asking, and I am glad you did. It’s the celebration of other people’s successes. It’s taking pleasure in supporting, lifting and encouraging others. And, while far from the only piece in success (oh so many elements come into play for that!) it’s a critical part of being able to appreciate your own victories.

It’s a social glue as it were … just like gossip is, except much more positive for everyone involved.

Building Freudenfreude

How can you build Freudenfreude? Methodically and with an eye to developing empathy. So Get Curious about other people’s success. Ask questions, and listen when they share their joy. Find spots to Connect to Their Joy. Perhaps they were encouraged by you to do this thing, maybe you train together. They might have sought your opinion or advice as they strived for their success. Remember, Success is Rooted in Community when one member succeeds it provides a clear marker that achievement is a reasonable goal within the group. When you experience joy Share it to make Freudenfreude easier for your circle. Give credit and thanks where you can. Actively Cultivate Joy and Gratitude. Ask what the best part of someone’s day was, or offer a comment on great training or timing or whatever that you see (in person, in a photo or video).

Take Action 2023: The First Quarter

And, ultimately, that’s the goal of Take Action 2023: The First Quarter. This 90-day deep dive is designed to set you up for success in 2023 – whatever you are aiming for. Dying to get back into the show ring? Want to forge the best partnership possible with a new companion? Trying to figure out the right way to support you all in the style you want? Working on surviving challenges with grace? This program will make a difference. You’ll have your own space to post your goals, dreams and aspirations, to-do lists and accomplishments, we’ll connect on a weekly basis in webinars, calls and feedback in your space. Accountability and support – in one safe, nurturing, Freudenfreude-filled space.

We’ll celebrate success and we’ll grieve with you as needed. The most amazing humans have already signed up and I can’t wait to see what they, and, you, accomplish before the end of March.

Because it’s a first-quarter event and many of our human minds turn to goal setting, planning and getting organized there are lots of downloadable resources already available for students who sign up.

I hate pricing things, as many of you already know so went with $90 for 90 days – you know I am going to say if using PayPal or the price level is problematic please touch base with me! We’ll figure something out.

I’m excited to have something new for 2023 and planning on having lots to celebrate both for myself and others.