Another PODCAST in the CAN!

Doing this podcast had some challenges in technology – and I have to admit I fell into some negative thinking traps myself – mostly of the :”what’s the point in this angst – no one will want to hear what I have to say “. type .. Melissa was a fabulous interviewer and happily rolled with my “SQUIRREL” distractions We talked about a LOT and ranged fairly widely  it’s a doldrums time of year for some people and it’s a time of ramping way up for others ….I’d love to know what resonates most with you … the piece I remember being happy with in the moment was drilling into what self care really is and what it should look like. Spoiler alert – I might not say what you expect to hear!!

Happy listening!

Do let me know if you have feedback – I knew the podcast was out but hadn’t time to post  when  emails and messages starting arriving – that was lovely and so thoughtful.  It  also gives me ideas for other things you want to hear which is helpful for us all.

I am working hard on three different projects – hoping very much they come together in a way that my mind can make sense of each of them soon! (training has happened too – and it’s August so Sally has been lame – of course – more on that “fun” stuff soon!)