… age as gracefully as Brody. Ever the good sport.

His vision is nearly gone, his hearing is truly diminished (he even misses the food cupboard opening!) and when we walk together it’s my job to stay with him – a total role reversal of the last 13 + years.

He may feel an ache, a pain, a momentary lapse of awareness but he doesn’t let it get him down. Sometimes he has to stay home and he is pretty expressive about telling us he could keep up if we’d give him a chance.

Brody is learning to woof and ask for help if he gets stuck – or can’t find me. I have learned to listen for him.

He still hates being groomed, still insists on finding burrs. He’s still Brody.

When he knows where we are going he still bombs ahead with tail flagging madly and there is nothing he loves more than getting a little job to do.

I wish all dogs could retire as well.