But first a little back story : Sally’s results came back lousy … really lousy – liver values off the charts (numbers in the THOUSANDS that should have been in the tens kind of lousy); positive for Lyme disease; and extreme pancreas numbers too ….pretty shocking she was able to stand let alone eat anything. Such a Sally thing to be so stoic … so silly!

I promised her a long long time ago that she would never have anything painfully invasive done if there was no point and that as best as I was able she would never be left at a vets overnight. So with this broad ranging, difficult no matter how you looked at it medley of issues I kept her home and started networking for ultrasound possibilities.  I went back to square one with meals, tiny frequent home prepared food – chicken, fish and sweet potato. She had anti-nausea, pain and antibiotic medications. She would be fevered, then frozen. She was eating because I asked her to  not because of any desire. I found myself staring at her for hours wishing my magic wand worked better. She slept and slept. Ignored everything.
Then we had a three day power failure. She was still critically ill but thanks to the awesome Big T and a great wood stove we kept her warm and fed. 
We spent much of yesterday away from home helping people de-ice as best as we could. We got home and Sally was up. Barking. She brought me chunks of ice to throw. She PLAYED with Dora and Yen.  This morning she mooched at our Christmas breakfast. They were ecstatic; we are beyond happy.  
She’s not one hundred percent, in fact I am worried about saying she’s out of the woods even but there is hope in the house again. Joy has returned in one Sally shaped package and for that we are so very very grateful.
Have a great holiday doing what floats your boat; cherish memories and love the ones you are with! Peace!