What a smelly weekend!

New class started Friday night!
Crazy location -we were between dogs barking in the adjacent hall and dogs barking waiting to get picked up for day care. It was a wee bit chaotic to say the least. But it was a hoot and a half! The dogs all started working for scent very quickly  and  the handlers show good natural relaxed handling! Some very perceptive folks in the group too.

Then today was the last agility class. (It was hilarious – let the participants make up their own course to introduce in a no stress way the notion of crosses. Let them play with that for awhile.) Again good handlers; great dogs!

Then ran my first Designated Odour Test with wintergreen. AMAZING dogs. 7 seconds – 20 seconds -bing  bang boom. Was so proud of the handlers – across the board they all worked hard to read their dogs. Some super distinctive alerts too. Handed Sheila Sally’s leash and suggested they try it. No sweat at all. Sal was just delighted to be playing; didn’t worry at all about the fact it was aunt Sheila instead of me!

Good great fun weekend – just a wee bit tired now!