I HATE peanut butter.

Don’t ask me why. I like butter and I like peanuts.
Don’t ask me how the aversion developed. There was peanut butter around in my house.

Makes no sense to me.
But there it is.

HATE the smell, the feeling, the taste of peanut butter. EWWWWW.

The first time I willingly touched peanut butter was to put it on a sandwich my little cousin was begging for. I gagged and held my breath and did it.

Yah. She was, and is, cute. Impossible to resist.

Then at least 10 years later I was introduced to Kongs for our shelter dogs. I’d do everything else to fill them and ask somebody else to top them with PB.

Then I realized that occasionally I could cope with PB for my own dog’s Kongs. Not every day – we use plain yogurt more here but every once in awhile was OK. Just a tiny dab on a plastic knife that I can then throw out.

Then this morning I found myself in my new routine spreading peanut butter on Big T’s toast. How on earth did that happen? Have I changed my feelings about peanut butter? No. It’s disgusting. I HATE it still.

But I deal with it for the ones I love. As I was spreading it this morning it occurred to me that the dogs an awful lot for me that they hate too. Brody hates being groomed. Yen hates being left behind. Sally loves most everything except not getting to play with me. Thea hates the cold. Yet all tolerate the thing they hate the most. If I were to anthropomorphic in nature I’d say they tolerate them to make me happy.but I don’t actually think that’s true. I think they, and I tolerate and deal with the things we hate because we know the pay off is going to be GOOD. Brody will feel better less matted – and the cookie payments help motivate him too. Yen is learning that we do come home after we go. Sally always gets to play eventually. Thea helps keep a clean house and gets to cuddle to warm up. I get to see how happy everybody who loves peanut butter is when they get it.  Great intrinsic value for all of us. Nothing noble at all. Worth some pain to get to personal pleasure!