Or four thousand three hundred and eighty days,

Or perhaps one hundred and five thousand one hundred and twenty hours?

Heck 6,307,200 minutes captures the magnitude of Brody’s time in my heart and life best.

12 years ago Brody moved into our house. I have celebrated his anniversary before but that in no way lessens the need to stop, reflect and appreciate all that Brody is.

He has tolerated foster beings of all sorts in that time .. puppies and old dogs, healthy, silly animals and sick and extremely needy ones. A real mix of species too. In our humane education days he tolerated all kinds of public appearances and he’s always been a gentleman for media and other public gigs.  He has had fun trying out various sports and training activities. He enjoys chilling at the beach, running at the farm, and sleeping in his home away from home, aka the car.

I am happiest with him at my side; and it seems that makes him happy too. Fortunate for us both eh?

I grateful to him for the journey he has taken me on; and the education he has gifted me with. He continues to help  me learn, as demonstrated today playing with scent work for 27 seconds.

He is one very good, fine, wee dog.