Wyn is gone.

Dead and gone.

Oh sorry. Should I have built up to it?

Everybody who  knows has had the same reaction. NO. It just isn’t possible.

Vital happy Sir Wynston Churchill, heart thief extraordinaire is no more, in his physical form anyhow.

He was hit by a car whose driver believes she was going too fast and wasn’t paying enough attention.to the road. She is devastated and will be much harder on herself than I can ever be.

He died instantly, in the middle of a great game of tag with Sally. I wish we could all die doing something we loved so much.

Ironies of ironies he never ever had left the property unless he was in a car or on a leash, in fact he was barely on the road- just doing a loopy zoom around to get Sally in his gangly puppy fashion.

Sometimes life is cruel, sometimes it is just incomprehensible.