Sally’s first AAC Q was  a jumpers Q in mid July of 2010. Her last Starters Q was this weekend.
She has only had one trial that she hasn’t earned a Q between the two dates…  this September’s trial when she was feeling crappy (Lesson learned there maybe ~ although even feeling crappy she enjoyed it!)

We only trialed Saturday. Our first run was advanced gambles – we knocked the 4 point jump in the opening (our only rail) and even so got over the 20 required points. The gamble had a straight tunnel (on a blind entrance  to a spread – both set at the maximum distance – I stopped my motion too early and Sally peeled back to me instead of doing the spread. Good girl! Then must have been standard – Sally ran a nice course – although I had to put her back in the weaves as she came out one pole early. Her table was lovely! Snookers was hilarious … as you can see for yourself! Sally nearly added a tunnel -but didn’t, then a jump but didn’t, then stopped DEAD in front of the double but leaped it from a standstill. A true Sally, character filled run!  Steeplechase should have been in the bag – she had a great run but forgot all about aframe contacts in the excitement of running flat out. Goof!

So in two years and two months we have done 8 AAC trials. She’s had some train wrecks in there and she’s had many five fault rounds. She’s had 1 point snookers and 34 point snookers runs.   We’ve had fun in every single class at every single trial.

Brody’s first Q was a jumpers Q at the end of March of 2007. His first day at a trial.
His ADC was early August 2007. 4 months later. He had quite a few trials where he was 1-3 OT in standard and no qs at the trial at all.  His SGDC followed at the end of November of that same year. 7 long months. Back when you had to have team as part of the title. (To be fair we earned both snookers and team the same trial).

16 months for my agility superstar; 7 months for my rockstar. If ever there was a better way to prove they are different dogs these numbers just may be it. (The fact a few years have passed made a difference too – Sally would still have earned her ADC this weekend but you needed fewer starters games Qs for that title so she would have had that in April of 2011.)

Thea was brilliant this weekend – she’s hardly done any agility but when I realized she was coming with me I entered her in starters gamblers and snookers.  She was fast, furious and had a great time. Always a great reminder that Qs are not what the game is about!

Yen was pretty darn good at the trial. I’m so smitten it isn’t funny.