For ages I’ve been hearing work with Jessica, work with Jessica, work with Jessica, you’ll love her!

And, being me I’ve been saying “sounds good” but not using my limited agility time to do anything constructive about making that happen.

Then, this weekend, an amazing confluence of things … a friend was hosting a clinic with Jess about an hour away at a facility I’ve been trying to get to for too long (the amazing AnticDog) , the weather gods were smiling, I needed a break from packing, cleaning etc, friends were going to be there,  so away we went.

What a fun start the morning was… we played flat work games I had never seen before – stopping and starting basically and then did some turns around sandbags (also new to us).  Sally was, as expected happy to be working and pretty quick to figure things out (quicker than me that’s for sure).

Then Sally was lame. Not just a little gitchy, but wouldn’t put her toe on the ground lame.
Popped her in the car -carried her inside and set her up on the couch and she barely moved for 48 long hours. She felt miserable. She ignored all action around her and didn’t want to stand up or come outside at all. We moved her from couch to bed and all of us tried to make her feel better.

Suddenly late this afternoon she’s cured! Well 98 percent sound and feeling 100 percent like her ….

I suspect her allergies created a sore spot in between her toes which then either got a thorn or sting and really hurt. No fun for her or us …

The relief … for all of us is palpable … love that Sally monster!