Days have starting sliding around … day 7? day 9? of filming for us done yesterday …

Superstar Sally continues …

First scene she runs into a kitchen goes to a stranger, catches a tossed cookie, turns around pays attention to the daughter in the house and then exits with daughter … 4 takes and she was perfect for three – the one that didn’t work as well I sent her on a verbal Go and she spent her time in the kitchen checking back with me …. silly girl! (Me not her!)

from the beach day
Director Stephen Best on top of the cliff

Then a lot of waiting for some tough scenes for her …hard to have her look naturally scared and uncomfortable but she did a great job … then we did some extreme closeups of her listening to poetry. On the tiny little play back screen it’s amazing … can’t even imagine her on the big screen. It was an 11 hour day on set.

little Wyn continues to be great – on this location i don’t have room for his playpen so he snoozes in the bathtub