And it was a doozy! Shot on a beach location in the blistering heat it was a little torturous as Sally couldn’t get wet due to continuity. The attention to continuity is amazing (& essential!) the other major challenge was red ants. Biting hoards of reds ants were everywhere. They were all over Sally and the cast and crew. No fun for any of us. I got eaten by them as eventually I just sat and brushed them off as fast as I could. Sally got really hot, the sand was hot, the shade was ant infested and despite the many stressors she worked through it. Fetching her ball and taking it to Caroline, playing tug with a stick. Running to her ball, stopping then taking off down the beach. Circling an actor at the top of the cliff, racing away from Caroline up the rocky cliff. Then finally she got a swim. Well deserved indeed. The director complimented Sally which made me feel quite emotional as I know what a dog she is and how hard she is working but he is busy doing his thing so I really didn’t think he was aware of just how fortunate his casting was. Super highlight of my day was being a LOT spoiled myself and having a dear friend bring me lunch and treats. So thoughtful! So fun! Great training ideas too. Little Wyn slept in a nice cool bathtub for the day. Lucky duck! Another day of filming tomorrow then a day off!