I hope not … y’all know I go a little crazy when a puppy arrives …(Phenomal, Quiz, Theorique etc) 

Sir Wyn is not even their age at arrival yet … and we’ve lived together 3 weeks …
He’s still a lot of work but I get 4-6 hours of sleep at once now and just in the last 2 days he’s starting peeing and pooping by himself. (Oh the things that make you proud with babies.Sometimes a burp is a major cause for celebration!)
He  has a page of his own under Brody’s and Sally’s on the left hand side of the blog so I can document the little steps and not bore you all to tears.
He has been a super trooper – in a perfect world he would have stayed snuggled with his mom and his litter in one secure place – sadly with me he has been packed to work, the dentist, parties, film sets, agility lessons and practice, between our two homes and more. He’s pretty chill with it all – he’ll either be the best or worst socialized puppy ever!! Amazing to think that with many breeders he would only really start to be handled this week. 
He does not handle heat well – nor Puddles Kitten chewing the ends off his bottle nipples (yes it’s happened twice!! arrghhh) and when he’s crying it’s amazing how distressed we all get . Mostly though he’s a pretty relaxed and happy little soul!