Sally inspired the photo shoot  in the field today as she needs a little tuning …

She is going to be filmed in movie called Saving Dinah .. she has been cast as Dinah. Gulp. She has a myriad of scenes. Many of which are pretty natural for her – I can already tell you her favourite shoot will be the fetching the ball day! Some are a little more complex. Opening a crate is one –  something I’ve actually been trying to discourage gently but I guess it goes on cue now!

Fascinating process so far – I’ve done quite a lot of tv work with animals and a little stage work but a movie is new to me and all of this is new to Sally – fingers crossed we can muddle through it ok.
Sally has a page on FaceBook now as per her director’s request.(Feel free to ‘like’ Sally the entertainer – you’ll recognize her – but if you don’t the link is   with the oursally carefully chosen) So far she has been her most excellent self.