Webb Anderson is coming back to town at the end of the month.

I’d be excited anyhow but this time I’m even more involved so I’m even more excited!

Sessions include:
The first day: Handling Weaves & Contacts
Even the best trained dog appreciates thoughtful handling when performing weaves and contacts. What your dog needs to do is to enter and exit these obstacles safely, quickly and accurately no matter where they are on the course. These sessions will help you give your dog the best information possible and create a smooth path on course, with fewer missed entries or awkward approaches

The second day: Course Analysis, Strategy and Handling Challenges
Analyze courses based on understanding your dog’s path and how they would run the course if they could read the numbers. Challenge yourself to communicate effectively with your dog to create a smooth running course. Think through principles of strategizing to play to your teams strengths.

Then a day of privates ….
He may stay up in town longer – and I’d love to figure out a session working on static behaviours – start lines and tables

If there are any great ideas for workshops anybody feels an urge to share that would be awesome!
Space is going to be pretty limited but if anybody would like to come and play that would be too much fun!