We actually work table in passing quite often. Today I got ambitious and spent a WHOLE 3.13  minutes building 4 dogs mad table skillz.  The video is very close to the entire session- only edited to move the bloopers to the end and cut the time it took to set up and turn off the camera! Sally really didn’t want to get pulled off the table. Brody really wanted to be paid. Sam and Thea both thought the whole thing was fun. I was happy with the way all 4 dogs allowed each to be worked in turn. I suppose I should work Brody and Thea first next time!

My expectations are clear  for Sally and Brody the cue “table” means they will drive onto the table and lie down. Sampson has no cue yet  – though after this session I think he is probably ready. Thea has no real cue either – she hasn’t worked table much. The table here is usually Sally’s height and Thea doesn’t get to work in class. Given I doubt she’ll ever run a standard aac class (which has a table) I’m not too worried about saying  “table” and then “down” if the need should ever arise.