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much more fun to reflect on agility!!

Sally got all her contacts yesterday. That said I’m not sure a stopped contact is the way to go with her (I seem to have to manage them) I’d love to watch some big long striding dogs with running contacts particularly on the a frame. Her teeters are great. Her dog walk I can see improving even without much work. Maybe I just need to get 20 reps a day back in somehow. All the bars stayed up too -which was lovely as the striding is often pretty tight in that hall. She wasn’t running flat out, nor was I, but it was much smoother and open than the last house league standard was.

Brody was FAST – his standard run was the 3rd fastest clear of 9 dogs … and right up there across the board. He ran faster than Sally by close to 8 seconds. I suspect his lovely running contacts had something to do with that. He did 5 aframes in one snookers class. Probably my only bone dumb move of the day but he enjoyed a massage last night and will enjoy it again today! He is so much fun to run.

Enjoyed the judging too I seem to end up judging large dogs quite regularly in house league and I enjoy it. Keeps me focused on watching handlers and dogs. The only down side is Sally sits in a crate pretty much all day and runs without her full and usual warm up but I make up for that at the end of the day with her -and it’s good for me to run her high.