House league was fun

too cold for Thea or Theorique to travel with us but Sally and Brody ran well and had fun … Sally gave me a HUGE flyoff … which is on tape so I may show you someday … she was a  nut in the last class but the course was tight and nearly impossible for me to run .. the first class was fun (Helter Skelter – you looped in to a table then back out then back in again until the clock stopped) and the second was steeplechase – ran nicely too). I should have opted out of the last class but , as usual, hindsight is 20/20. We did some nice work despite the bumps – so I’ll rack it up as learning and move on.
Brody ran well and seemed to be having fun!


not just pretty and seasonal but DELICIOUS

Great music Super people Good dogs

Sophie, Sally’s sister showing off her CPE ribbons

The girls are playing so nicely at home it’s really cute too