I’ve been doing some coaching lately in sports that are not in my comfort zone … one of my responsibilities at work is now the co-curricular program at the school (events that take place outside the classroom). Trying to get up to speed fast involves a steep learning curve so I’m tackling it by being assistant coach to the junior boys basketball team. That way I can see exactly what the coaches need to do first hand. Why basketball  you ask?

Not for any great abiding love of the sport. More because the coach is amazing  and talented. And that works just fine for all of us.

How can I contribute to this team? It’s not through attending all practices (some start at 7:30 am and Sam’s daycare doesn’t open til 8 am).  It’s not through my mad bball skillz. It is partly by doing doing paperwork. It’s partly by attending practice when I can. I also think it can be about teaching them the mental side of playing sports.

What key elements can I distill for the team from my knowledge base?

  • if ain’t fun ~ recalculate
  • know your team -train weaknesses, play strengths
  • know yourself – what helps you be in the right head space?
  • be fit enough to be able to keep your mind on
  • what is your right head space? are nerves useful for you – or do they interfere?

Now figuring out how to teach  all this 15 year old boys who have only really played street ball to this point presents its whole own challenge!