Two years ago this weekend  Sampson joined us – a little smaller than Sally and a sweet, if worried boy, he slid into our hearts in a way that I wasn’t expecting. Kidney diseased, resource guarding, soft mouthed, hard headed, anxious, dear, sweet boy  he has added significantly to my skills as a shaper. He also cuddles beautifully and entertains well too!

Sally joined our family five years ago today. Words fail me often with Sally. She is my teacher, my joker, my challenge, my joy.  The learning curve with her has been so steep it makes me dizzy at times.
I cannot imagine life being complete without her in it.

an unusual candid shot with three of the gang in it!

I am so very thankful to be surrounded by such a loving family Big T, Ma, Pa, the multiple Jeans, and all the young uns… and all the furred and feathered family too.