rough life

meet up with Lucy and Walter’s Mom and the Cheerful Complainer in Cherry Valley and headed down to Point Petre – a true corner of paradise …

7 dogs: Jasmine, Fannie, Walter, Lucy, Brody, Sampson and the incorrigible Sally .. the dogs were great – they had fun smelling new smells, rolling, playing in the water and Sally eating disgusting things!

The humans had a lot of fun too – what could easily have been a half hour walk turned into a 3 hour gab fest and walk … it’s a funny thing this blog land … meeting people you don’t know in person but know well in cyberspace is a little odd. Lucy and Walter’s Mom is just lovely – every bit as humble about her awesome dogs and self in person as she is on the blog, every bit as nice as she seems. I didn’t “know” the Cheerful Complainer (her name- not mine – I don’t think she complains much at all – but the name is cute and so’s she!) nearly as well but she is a treasure in her own right too -and she runs a small dog in agility – so that was fun for me too! I am so very glad we connected and would love for it to happen again.

Everybody should sleep well tonight!