Sally is a tidy jumper. Natural talent? I’d say so but I think the work we do helps. It certainly helps me be in the right place at the right time pulling my wieght on our team. We have had maybe 5 rails in trials. most of which are when I do something FUNKY and she is trying to translate for me and jump what’s in front of her at the same time. Poor dog.

I did a lot of the exact same work with Brody when he started out. We still work but for every 5 jumps Sally does now Brody might do one. Brody is also an excellent jumper (he has pulled exactly one rail in his life – a 12 inch jump at CPE Nationals in 2008).

Sally has had a full week off any formal agility but as the summer draws to a close I know I want to put some decent work outs in the bank for those horrible fall/winter days when it’s impossible. We decided to do jump work today. Collecting, stretching and listening. She was amazing.

She is amazing. My first time just leaving the camera in place- it worked fairly well. I held the camera during the warm up – apologies – take gravol to watch!

This is also a very typical example of what one of my lawn agility sessions might look like! I did not include our full warm up nor our cool down ( some spins, some sit/down sequences and a couple of recalls as well as a nice rub down).