All the talk this summer about being the cookie, working for free and having variations of rewards has made me think about tugging quite specifically and my expectations for tugging. I don’t think a dog has to tug to be any good (Brody is a fine example of that) but I do think tug is a fun interactive way to reward a dog who enjoys it. It is a relationship building activity that is fun plain and simple.
Three of the dogs here like to tug. I have taught all three of these dogs to seek out tugging for fun. (Actually Thea really enjoys tugging sometimes too). Making the video was interesting as I couldn’t direct tug and film at the same time. The dogs seemed to cope OK and you see their different tugging styles. I deliberately brought out three different toys to tug so you could see that they will all tug what is offered. I did not bring Sally’s ultimate favourite tug out as I was quite sure I would not be able to control the camera and the flyer together.
The filming is a little crazy but you get some sense of the way tug works here. Sally couldn’t believe it was all about tugging – she jumped a jump, ran through a tunnel, did right and left turns and pounded on various toys with glee. You may see me switch toys on both Sally and Quiz – who are both happy to tug what is presented. Sampson is too but he was having so much fun with the fuzzy I couldn’t bear to make him work!