I was, to be frank, worried about taking a 13 week old puppy to Nationals. I was staying in a strange place, and routines were going to be thrown to the wind. It was my first Nationals ever and I was a vendor and volunteer, and running two dogs. It was already busy enough thank you. But then a great lead came up for the puppy’s home and they could meet me at Nationals. So I packed her up and we never looked back.

Quiz was perfect. I should have expected no less. She hung in her crate, she rehearsed leash walking, tugging, chilling in an x-pen. She met playful puppies, and lots of gentle adult dogs. she met hundreds of people (especially after the announcer told the world she needed a home! Thanks for the shout out!)

She snoozed, she ate well and she was a great stress relief. Sally was thrilled to have her little buddy along for the ride and Brody wasn’t bothered by her at all. She practised her tunnel skills as the best tunnel vendors on the planet were tabled right beside us. She practiced her charm skills on Keith from Crash Test Toys too.  She played at charming a whole lot of people and did it very well!

We met lots of wonderful people and one who may be where she ends up but the timing isn’t right for them right now – so this lovely little puppy is still officially looking for her forever home.
And, after watching many many of them at Nationals there is no doubt Quizzical is part Kelpie (does that make her Kelpish some folks wondered?) The most commonly heard breed guess was Kelpie x Corgi ~ but still all I can say is Adorable.
 www.projectjessie.ca  is the group I am fostering her for.