Sally is the picture of tolerance with the little ones!

and what the heck do you think Quiz is? The more I know her the less I’m sure… she is an odd shape, an odd size, marked like a gsd or rotti, and has a tail that curls like a chihuahua. Whatever she is she’s a good puppy.

The girls enjoyed playing most of the weekend. The boys hate Quiz.

No big expectations for Quiz this weekend – house training (and she was clean all weekend in the house – not ONE mistake – I’m pretty proud of us all) and learning to come when we call (love taking advantage of puppies desire to recall). We haven’t needed to do bite inhibition at all, she’s got a very soft mouth at the moment. Lots of socializing. Puppy has met – dogs (all sizes) cats and rabbits – she’s walked on grass, gravel, pavement, dirt, decking, carpet and straw. She’s eaten in a crate, in an xpen, from my hand. I put a collar on her for about 5 seconds. That’s as formal as we got.

Gracie, the perhaps sibling of Quiz, enjoying a stick!