just moved into our home.
Her probable possible sibling Grace was dropped off at a foster home on the way here. I fully expect that Grace will be a resounding foster failure. Her foster mom took one look and said “ooooooo”. Her adult son went all googly eyed at the puppies. I’d take bets but I don’t think that would be fair.

Quiz has been here for 3 hours. She’s done her business outside twice; horrified Sampson and Kizmet and been horrified by Sally*. She is now snoozing in an open crate beside my chair. I have no idea what she is – but darling certainly fits. She is too small and her face is the wrong shape to be a shepherd but her ears are starting to prick more than not and her colouring could be. Gracie looks like a little lab. I am not convinced they are siblings as Grace weighs nearly a full kilo more than Quiz too. (Today Quiz weighs 2.3 kg ~ she’s probably just over 8 weeks ~ if anybody has comparative weights to share I’d love to know them. Our mixed breed gsd puppies weigh about 10 kg at 10 weeks!)

Hopefully I can find a decent camera so I can share some decent pictures of her.
(She is the black and tan puppy; Gracie is the black with white chest puppy)

* Sally really does adore visitors, especially puppies. Tonight she lay beside Quiz and slowly rolled back and forth hoping to entice a puppy play session. Quiz was having none of that though I suspect tomorrow will be another story.