I already know who’s going to be naughty!
I have a tote in the back of my truck permanently packed with a couple of toys, a water bowl, a couple of towels (Brody does not like being wet), the sun shades, the manners minder. This tote works for most half day trials – I add water and treats and whatever crating I want for the trial and away we go …
Regionals requires a little more organization – you can’t crate from the car apparently …I’m staying up near the trial for one and possibly two nights in a house not a hotel which will be fun but requires more stuff … I may need to set up crating in two spots at trial site as the rescue I work with is tabling there as well so I’d like to be able to have the dogs with me there.. but if they (Brody) won’t truly relax there I have been offered a spot under a friends shade tent … sweet but basically I think I need three sets of crates … YIIIEEEE
So, Soft crates for the house … (and honestly, Brody won’t be crated there much – he would be terribly offended), wire crates for one spot and hard crates for the other … I’ll see which is closer to the action (and therefore more likely where I’ll be to decide which crate goes where)
  • Water bowls for everywhere (and water for everywhere – Sally doesn’t need any excuse for a gitchy tummy)
  • food, and treats – more than I think I need
  • toys (including a NEW flying squirrel – anticipate Sally’s joy along with me)
  • flexi lead for Sally in case there is no where safe/legal/discreet for off leash walk and games

MUST put a chair or two into the truck …

for the house I need a heater, bedding, pillow, some basic food
for me  – not much – lots of hair elastics, and a bunch of different shoes – I have trouble finding shoes I can wear multiple days in the summer – my riding/hiking boots are great but they look clunky (see the All About Pets Show pictures for visual proof) at the best of times .. and I don’t think I could wear them with shorts, cell phone, charger, changes of cloths, toiletries .. should all fit in a small bag
wonder what I’m missing?? If you see something you’d have to have please let me know ~ thanks 🙂