If ever I forget my mission Miss Sally is all too happy to remind me of it …

I staggered to a start line this week. Left Sally in a nice stay (which she held no problem) and wandered up the dog walk side (2nd obstacle) released her – beautiful and walked up to the end of the dog walk … by the time I got there she had done three or four extra jumps and had headed off to sniff along the fence line. I got her back on track but didn’t slap myself upside the head. We did a few more obstacles. Better, but again, she was unsure of what I wanted so made up her own agenda (and course!). I actually picked her up and carried her to the aframe to reset her.  I was a little freaked out at this point. Finished the run and it was OK  but didn’t feel lovely. Thought about it and realized I had let my immune weakened system run the show.

Enough of that.

Sally weaves at the demo – showing her weird lead changes again

Second run I warmed her up properly – looking for focus and drive and got both. Set her on the start line and we were off. II had every intention of a good run and while it wasn’t perfect it was pretty darn sweet. Crazy flippy start line which we nailed a couple of different ways and a cool weave, jump tunnel, jump, weave thing that she and I loved. She stayed attentive, she stayed connected. She got her frame contact. I was much happier. I called it quits right then. ( I had also run Brody twice, 4 runs was probably two more than my immune compromised system should have run!) I must note Brody ran better too when I wrapped my head around finding intention.