Spoiler: Sally’s great leap off an aframe meant one lost q … but 14/15 ain’t shabby that’s for sure!

I was only going to run Thea in Jumpers and Fullhouse but she was RARING to go  so she ran all 5 classes (a first for her I think) and earned all 5 qs ( a certain first for her!) She earned zero faults for the day as well – which is going to do a fair but towards her 1000 point title 🙂 I ran her as a vet which meant 4 inch jumps instead of 8 inch jumps – she was MUCH more confident. I think asking a dog her size to jump nearly should height is pretty tough. She is very athletic and capable – don’t misunderstand but she was a pocket rocket today and her striding to the lower jump was great – not one stutter pop*  all day that I could see. She is an awfully fun play dog!

Brody ran a little slowly in jumpers … in fact had he been in level 4 we would have had 3 times faults … however he eked out just enough yardage to be OK in level 3. His other runs were fast and furious though – he is a lot of fun to run when he is hot!  He finished another level 3 title and earned his first level 4 standard (and fullhouse). He may be in level 3 jackpot for ever .. as I never seem to get to a trial that has it. He has 1 jumpers left to go in level 3 as well. He laid out some nice paths that others duplicated ~ always a compliment 🙂 So standard and fullhouse level 4 Q’s earned – as well the last wildcard and colours level 3’s earned for his CL3- H title  and his second jumpers level 3 q earned. Good boy. He took quite a hard call off with enthusiasm and ran well both the rest of that class and afterwards. I was a little cross with myself as had I realized he’d eaten his Wheaties for breakfast I would have handled the line to not need such a strong call off.

Sally was spectacular. She was fluid, and on, fast yet responsive. We just ran .. like the wind. She really is agility. Her only error was leaping one aframe and I actually think she got a nail on the contact but it wasn’t a frame I’d want rewarded anyhow. So level 2 wildcard, jumpers, colours and fullhouse earned. She moves on to level 3 jumpers and fullhouse now. (She had the highest number of points of any dog 43 points in total)

Over all the weekend was lovely  – 3 titles earned, 18 Q’s and a great sense of accomplishment. Regionals will be challenging but if Brody runs like he did this weekend he’ll be laughing all the way to 400 points or so. Sally really isn’t quite ready for the challenges ~ she’s close though so we’ll use it as training experience and enjoy the party!

* stutter pop – my expression for a dog (or horse) that has to adjust it’s stride right to the base of the jump as it isn’t sure where it should take off from .. it stutters until finally it pops hoping to clear the jump