As I am sure I’ve said before – great dogs ~ shame about the handler 🙂 Actually I am well pleased with the start up for 2011.

Sally had a steeplechase which was a bit of a trainwreck. I was in the wrong place; she was in the wrong place; she blew the aframe and I put her right back on it. She touched and touched again and I could see the wheels turning in her brain. I actually think that was a really good choice (as you’ll see in snookers report). We had NT but I wasn’t too stressed about it. She was working so hard. She reads body language so well. I need to learn to be aware of exactly where I am sending her when I run in any given direction.

Sally  had a small issue in her first advanced gamblers – the judge was standing on my chosen opening line. Whoops – I hadn’t even looked as Brody is so steady he doesn’t even see stuff like that.  We got a little off track  but Sally recovered quickly missing just one planned jump. She got the mini – which was the double (4 points)  to tunnel to repeat the tunnel for 16 points and then the 4 point double again .. for 20 points. Spinning dogs around back into the tunnel made interesting handling  for many dogs. I just did a post turn and Sally blasted into the tunnel. In the opening we also did a tunnel, a couple of jumps and the aframe (yay contact) – 27 point opening. The gamble was a jump, a  tunnel then a push out to a jump beside the tire … many many dogs couldn’t get the jump and did the tire instead- I booted it and called her and she was MOST excellent. She earned 54 points so not a million extra but the job was done … and that makes me laugh. If Brody ever earned 54 points in a gamblers class I’d be hysterical and giddy!

In her second gamblers class she was a little worried in the weaves so popped out once (they were the second obstacle). I just carried on with the plan and did the four point chute twice then a jump and a GORGEOUS set of weaves … through a tunnel and down the eight point mini (like a superstar)I turned back the whistle went and I was in the perfect place for the gamble. I sent her out and she flew with confidence but the second obstacle was the teeter and I froze when she was half way up it – I don’t think we’ve done a teeter from 18 feet laterally before.  Dumb me as she jumped off the side to make sure I was ok – then sent out to finish the gamble no problem. KEEP MOVING should be my motto so many times.

Sally’s  first snookers class. Whoops! Although I was using my brain so it was good for learning again. I  thought my way around the course. Sally pulled a rail in the 7 combo (the first time through) .. so I did the 6 point teeter twice .. sadly the number 2 rail also came down in the opening or we would have been just fine … she was attentive and excellent.  I think the rails came down because I wasn’t driving the way I usually do. The curse of overthinking. I was pretty determined to earn the Q in the second run. “Enough of no snookers qs” said I!  I carefully looked at the course. The only way I could see to be ENTIRELY sure of getting the q was to do 4 reds and 4 weaves (the 7 pointer). Even if we had a meltdown I decided working weaves in a trial made a whole lot of sense. The first two sets were a little worried and required a reset – the last two sets were HEAVENLY. She got through 2,3,4, and the 5 point aframe sticking a very nice contact! The whistle went somewhere in the 6 point combo but she earned over 40 points anyhow. Good girl!

DUMB Handler in advanced jumpers with her. 10 faults in one class (How can a dog jump a tire a handler is standing right in front of? Sally wonders too). 5 faults in the other. Good dog. Smooth happy running so it will come. She was really really good.

Brody only had 4 classes. 2 snookers and 2 jumpers. My snookers King wasn’t … we were 2 and 4 points short respectively but he ran well and happily – just long courses for little legs. He was a jumpers star though happily earning both Qs and finishing the aac part of the weekend with an extra Q than required for his Masters Jumpers Dog of Canada.  I was amazed – he was 15 seconds undertime on one run and 12 for the other. He didn’t trot one step. A little bittersweet as I’m fairly sure that will be his last AAC title. I think everything else requires an Atch and I’m not planning on doing gamblers classes with him anymore. He is such a pleasure to play with.

Good, GREAT, marvellous dogs. CPE afternoon tomorrow. Maybe Sally will be tired 🙂