Sisters weaving …  in the last show of the weekend Sophie and Sally were the weave demo dogs – it was very cute as they happily worked alongside each other … I was amazed to find them on youtube!

Brody’s last run was rock solid as was all his work … in 6 shows over three days doing four “runs” or more in each show Brody and I made two mistakes … he didn’t realize the aframe was on course once and he blew one weave entry … both mistakes were mine – I didn’t ask him to do anything  – so he didn’t! Brody did these runs right out of his crate, on the start line and go … right back into his crate so I could run Sally in the right place and do the run order… he was amazing ..(the last run on this clip – at 2:09 or so- is Sophie .. Sally’s super sista!)

Thea ran a little on the first day but managing 3 dogs and filling in for some holes proved to be a bit much. She enjoyed it though which was really nice to see. I had been a little concerned that the atmosphere would shut her down.

Skill sets were something we demonstrated too … crate games, tricks, building hind end awareness and focus and one jump work. This clip shows what a work horse Miss Sally is – she starts and ends the clip.

Doing demos with Brody has always been fun – he is so steady and such a little shag muffin it’s a pleasure to play with him anywhere. Sally has done a grand total of one demo prior to this- she was excellent but there were maybe 50 people then. Of the 6 shows the bleachers were absolutely packed for 2 of them and more than half full for each show. That has to be a couple of hundred folks. She was a superstar this weekend. She had issues with the footing but she was full of drive, focus and was just a joy to work with. Thursday morning we did the local TV clip. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were two shows each day. Today was a lovely off leash walk at the beach .. she ran and ran and ran … now she’s catching some zzzz’s finally!

The intro lap – I have never run as fast in my life I’m sure: go sally!

Many thanks to whoever filmed the dogs … too much fun to find them 🙂