Happy Easter Weekend to you and yours 🙂
For the 16th year I find myself spending Easter Weekend hanging out a huge pet trade show … I have worn many hats over the years but consistently have delivered a message of humane education and adoption. My dogs have been excellent ambassadors for positive training and while the show exhausts me I always have a blast. This year I have gotten to work in agility demonstrations. 4 shows down, 2 to go and while it’s been crazy it’s been a ton of fun! The dogs are running well – although the footing is slick for Sally and the spacing of obstacles is a bit tight for the long striding girl. Brody is the best dog ever… he runs and runs and runs… he isn’t speedy but he hasn’t missed an obstacle, contact or weave all weekend. Thea came Friday and was a riot  — she bombed over, under and around jumps .. and just had a great time. I wasn’t sure she’d run at all with the crowd  – and the crowds were deep but they really didn’t phase her at all! Good girl.
I was quite shocked yesterday – twice people commented to me about the show and picked Brody as the favourite dog. That steady fellow is attracting his groupies it seems. Didn’t get a chance to poll people today but Sally had her fans too – people came down from the bleachers just to see her!
It’s already been a LONG weekend. I was at the show from 6:45 to 5:15 Thursday – didn’t realize til I got in the car to stagger home I hadn’t had anything to eat or drink all day. ( There was a local tv spot filmed in the am – and I was present to promote both the agility bit and the adoption area – went super well!) Tomorrow is going to be a long day!