I got some new clickers in the other day (if anybody needs a cute clicker let me know – I’d be happy to send you one!) and ended up on the lawn with a clicker in my pocket. I rarely use a clicker for jump work as timing what you like the best in a jump can be difficult (say, for example, you clicked and the bar came down – WHOOPS!) but with a translucent, good looking clicker in my hand how could I resist testing it out?

I started with Brody and tried to click drive. So I set up my three jump line and did serpentines and threadles and clicked when Brody was really moving. He loved it. In hindsight I should have just set a straight line up and clicked for a rocket Brody probably but Brody is a fluid and happy jumper so it worked.

Then it was Sally’s turn. I decided to click tight turns on a 270 with her. I clicked the first effort as it was pretty good and I wanted her to know I had a clicker. The second effort she swung a little wide so no click. THE HORRORS! She immediately set herself back up and (on release) aced the turn. a 270 with one stride. Honestly I didn’t know a dog could get so tight to the post on 24 inches. And how on earth did she decide that was what was paying? How did she know?

I wonder what all the people I know who love dogs and enjoy living with them think of the work we do around here. Many people I know; including everyone in my family has dogs, enjoys their dogs and does nothing with them at all except occasional walks or games of fetch if the dog instigates it. They are well fed, well cared for much loved family members but it’s different somehow. I love living with dogs, don’t get me wrong. Nothing makes me happier than gardening with the posse sprawled out relaxing; or going for a walk at the farm (aka dog park) and just letting everybody be dogs; or waking up at night to feel Brody snuggled against my hip; or , you get the idea. But I LOVE the relationship building part that comes from playing working the dogs frequently. I am addicted to agility (still not sure why) but I enjoy all kinds of training. Maybe it focuses my brain and helps me have goals.