Video footage – with huge thanks to Nancy for capturing some of the seminar on tape … you hear how much too much I talk … and double cue touch 🙁  Both these runs were Sunday afternoon – this is Sally as tired as I’ve seen her. (Which was not so tired as to come home and missing playing Kong with Sampson!)

this next run has a couple of moments to note (or not). Yes, that is Sally unbalancing right off the dog walk .. and it includes a huge “AHA” moment – where I realize Sally does NOT generalize a stay in 2o2o into staying in that same position on the aframe.

Sally’s aframe made HUGE strides this weekend. I have a clear picture of what I want and a reasonable view of how to get there. I did at least 20 aframe bottoms every day. That’s all it took – 60 reps for me to get into my brain what I wanted it to look like. Still need to work on problem solving (as you’ll see) but I finally feel like there is hope on the aframe.

Webb was great – I totally enjoyed the learning  for a couple of different reasons. One is how respectful he is of different handlers and dogs. You don’t ever feel badly running a different or low drive dog. Sally was the highest dog on Saturday by a long shot and I learned a lot from him with her too. Sunday I largely ran both Sally and Brody and that was great – flipping back and forth gave me a good handle on how different they are.

Webb has some good sayings too. Webbisms I think I’ll call them.

Run ‘Em Like You Stole ‘Em

Your Ball has Brains

We Are All Builders

Slow is smooth; smooth is fast (he credits John Woods for this – whoever JW is?)

Practice Perfectly

Don’t Look at the Rock


lots of big concepts too – like defining your primary skills; knowing what you want from the sport .. more on those later I’m thinking 🙂