Friday with Webb Anderson
I worked in private and semi private lessons – it was nice being fresh .. we worked hard and given that we’ve worked together before it settled into a working groove quickly.
I actually worked Thea just a little. We worked on the concept (for me not her) that if I keep her in sight she can’t drop behind … if she does I’m to stop and quickly  move her into the right place . She seemed to get the concept too.  We also worked on six weaves. I am seriously considering putting weaves back on her. The plan is to  use a touch plate so she learns to drive to the end .. break off and do something else if she gets too confused. It is so strange working her – she is so obviously a “lured” dog. It drives me nuts but she is darling and tons of fun!!

Brody – we did 10 minutes with Brody – Webb says speed up the weaves. I tried a “good boy” half way through and B kicked into high gear. Interesting as I avoid cheer leading at all costs usually. At one point I tried to leave Brody behind me on a line of jumps and I couldn’t, which I thought was hilarious.

Sally’s turn included showing Webb where our contacts are at – frame is a problem – but with reps he feels she understands the job and will figure it out . The dog walk was good.  I am to wait til frame is all together too before proofing too much. The teeter was fine – he worries she’ll worry if tipping point changes so I’m to put her on as many teeters as possible just to practice. He showed me some good start line stay work – turning towards her … presenting my side.. presenting my back (sad to say the only one I’d done) She broke the second time I faced her but that was it …
She is incorrect in the weaves and losing time … her footwork sucks .. she is not single footing or double footing but paddling (though if she was a horse I’d be thrilled to get 11 lead changes every stride. Fixing it may be impossible … that was the last discussion we had and it’s weighing way too heavily on my mind … we’ll see – and obsess about it.

Webb was obviously getting sick – I felt very badly for him I think he’s going to have a long weekend 🙁